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How to Become the Successful Person You"ve Always Known You Could be

Here is a quick recap on how to become the successful person you've always known you could be:

There is a "secret" to allowing yourself to be massively successful. The problem is, the Three Percenters (the people who are unconsciously allowing themselves to succeed) can't tell you what it is – for the precise reason that they are doing it unconsciously.

What really causes human behavior is your internal Why-To's and Why-Not-To's – the reasons you perceive why to do something or not do it.

The reason you're holding yourself back from the success you're perfectly capable of has nothing to do with learning more "how-to's" of success. It has to do with uncovering your internal Why-Not-To's of ALLOWING YOURSELF to be massively successful, and then taking steps to allow yourself to succeed.

Holding yourself back from success is a Why-To/Why-Not-To problem. And you can never solve a Why-To problem with a "how-to" solution.

Traditional success programs give you "the How-To's of success". While this isn't "wrong", trying to solve a Why-To problem using a How-To solution is like trying to put a nail into a wall using a chainsaw.

That's why millions of people and organizations are spending BILLIONS of dollars a year on every "how-to succeed" program out there, but most people still feel stuck.

If you want to get your foot off the brake for good, you need to stop spending your hard-earned money on the How-To's of Success, and start focusing on your internal Why-To's and Why-Not-To's of Success. Doing that will produce far greater results in much less time than years of working harder on all the fine "how-to succeed" programs out there.

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