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To Lose Weight Your "Ducks Need to Be in a Row

For the past 40 odd years when people think of exercise programs for weight loss they normally think of doing aerobic or 'cardio' activity.
They think of jogging, biking, rowing or other types of activity in their "target heart rate zone" or 'fat burning zone'.
Most of these old fashioned methods of losing body fat are based on such outdated scientific data that we now know you would be lucky to burn any fat at all.
And the sad part is, many of these recreational activities have been used time and again without producing effective fat loss results.
The truth of the matter is, programs for fat loss based only on aerobic or 'cardio' type activity exercise are inefficient, boring and ultimately ineffective at burning the fat and building the strong, lean slim and healthy body most people want.
Somehow people think that burning fat during the exercise session is enough to burn off the excess fat from their body but the problem is once you stop doing an aerobic activity you stop burning fat.
So, the only calories being burnt are the ones during the actual session which can be very little.
Also these types of programs don't take into account that your body adapts very quickly and becomes more efficient, expending less energy to do the same amount of work.
This means that you might burn fat in the beginning then the fat loss grinds to a halt.
The last thing you want in a program for fat loss is to teach your body not to burn fat.
The much better modern approach is to increase the number of calories being burnt after the session is over.
This means that you are burning more fuel every single minute of the day and night by increasing your metabolism (the rate you burn fuel).
The way to do this is to make sure you engage the muscular system with strength training exercise.
This means that the muscles are taken through their ranges of movement under a load so they become stronger.
This has the effect of increasing the metabolic rate so you burn more fuel (calories).
The added benefit is that you will be a smaller and slimmer person because the muscles are where the fat is burned.
By increasing the health of your muscles you automatically increase your fuel burning plus you will get multiple health benefits as well.
Your metabolic health which includes your hormones and the way your food is converted to energy needs this muscular work to stay healthy along with keeping you slim.
To get the fat loss results you want, you need to look for proper programs created for that purpose by a fitness professional.
If you just try and 'wing it' thinking you know how to do it yourself is highly unlikely to give you the right results.
You need to do things properly, the right exercises, the right intensity level and your program updated regularly and monitored so your time is not wasted on things that are not contributing to the fastest possible fat loss results.
Eating for fat loss also needs to be right with 5-7 small meals each day that each contain a serving of protein and the right amount of calories to give you the energy to exercise properly.
So, if fat loss is your goal, do it right and you will be amazed at how effective it really is when you get all of your 'ducks in row'.

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