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Many of us reading this article may already know; if your article is good then it can bring more traffic your website and attracts more reader. That's why it is hardly depend on your quality of article. Simple, if you put unique and good information to your article then you have done! But if you write generalities that are similar to other pages; you'll never ever get benefit from it. This is due to the reason people already know about those generalities that you are going to use for your website content.
Your reader needs to be motivated to be engaged with your article. After reading your article the visitor should have the desire to comment and share your article. Why? Because it had valuable information, it was not a sales pitch and it was well. I am an advocate of giving some of your best content away free. If you have captured your readers' attention and have given them some quality information they are much more likely to share your content.
First you have to write for one category only with your deep focus. If you already have a group of categories created in your website, just erase them for now. You just want to have your main category active for now. Take a sheet of paper and create a list of some potential article topics you would like to first cover in your site.
The idea is to get these articles done as quickly as you can, making your best effort to make them high-quality. People always look for great information, so give them your best effort of writing! Now that you have the articles written, you can calmly think for some time and thought to coming up with a better headline for each one of them. Take the time to come up with a few headlines for each article. If you have lost for ideas, you can use trustworthy headline formulas to come up with a good number of ideas for each article. You can also ask your friends and family about good headlines or the information what they look on internet regularly. This basic information will be the base of your all work. This is the first step toward success. So work hard on it. Make your draft article again and again until it looks perfect.
Visiting the guest's book will be helpful; you can see the people questions and their interest about their reading. Subscribe email to topic list; from there you can analyze the interest of audience. After getting the idea of readers' interest you can write better.
Have you discovered something incredible in your niche lately? Your reader will probably want to know about this information as well. Consider what you would want to get out of reading a blog and make sure that those goals are met in your own writing. If you are giving great information in your articles your readers will literally beg for more. Getting your readers to ask you for more is the goal of writing in the first place and a validation that you are writing something that they want to read and are actively seeking. If you really get the idea what your audience want from you; this can lead you towards long term benefit.
I am not talking about that you put all your good information in one article. But you have to put your much effort in your one article. Do some advices in your article. Also sanalysis is important part of your writing.
I recently read a blog from Brian Solis called 21 Rules of Engagement. It was a summary of part of his new book, Engage. Not only did I feel like I was getting quality information and a great preview of his book, but it also made me want to go out and buy his book immediately. I thought that this information he was giving away for free was already valuable so I should go and find what else he has to offer. This is an excellent strategy and very effective to create continued readership whether the future readings are free or not.

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