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The Truth About The Impossible

I've heard the word "impossible" so many times that I believed it once or twice.
But then I realized that the only impossibility exists within my mind.
It is my mind that sets things impossible.
It is my mind that tells me that I won't do this or that.
It's my mind that sets obstacles in the way.
Nothing else can make the possible impossible.
However, when I'm in the right mindset, I can see things more clearly and then I realize that nothing is impossible.
Yes, it might take a while to adjust to the atmosphere around you before you are finally able to do something that you've always thought impossible.
One of the funniest situations I have been through was during a training session where I could not do a specific move.
I thought that my body did not let me to do it and I even went further to think that no matter how hard I train on it, I will always fail it.
Then the funniest thing happened.
I had an injury which required a couple of months of layoff.
So, one day I was very bored and I decided to try that move once again, during my rehab time which is something I would not recommend- and I did it, from the first try.
I got shocked at how little effort I put in it that time and then I realized that one thing: Mind over matter.
"If you can dream it, you can do it.
" - Walt Disney Another story about how man can defy the impossible is the known tale of Walt Disney who got fired due to his 'lack of creativity' and then he created a world that many of us have lived in as kids.
The Disney world is the creativity of a man who decided that the impossible is only a matter of taste and mindset.
Simple as that, you can organize your life in a boring because your dream is impossible or you can defy the odds and go ahead to do it.
It's nothing too difficult as long as you are willing and needy of the achievement.
You can try to win or you can try to beat others, whichever the way you would want; however, no winner ever achieved by wanting to defeat others.
When it comes to the human kind, there are no impossibilities.
We have invented ways to fly, we have invented ways to make international calls within a second and we have reached the moon.
It's all you, no one else.
If you are strong-willed then you will carry out things.
If you are a quitter then no reason to live in the first place.
Dream big, because all dreams are achievable.
Don't let your mind conceive you when you want to do something because your mind is the biggest liar and it will almost convince you that what you are trying to do is impossible.
Don't let influence interfere with your dreams.
Be a winner.

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