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Law of Attraction For Motivation

Our life is often put into several categories.
God, family, career, friends, etc.
The importance of each category seems to vary from time to time depending on what is going on in our life from day to day.
One of the problems I have is when one area of my life is down.
It can and does effect the other areas.
When we spend eighty five percent of our life talking to ourselves if we are having a bad day you can imagine the kind of talking we are doing.
How do we know if we are having good thoughts or depressing thoughts, our emotions will tell us.
If we are having a day where nothing goes right then we definitely have to work on our self talk.
It is essential for me to have some really great things to say about myself and my world.
I don't believe that you can just say any thing, each area of your life you need to have several positive uplifting affirmations, so where ever the sadness is coming from you can counteract it.
I never accomplish much when I'm in the dumps.
Plus I don't feel good about myself.
There are many places where you can get wonderful affirmations for the different areas of your life.
There many books and courses on affirmations.
You can certainly make your own.
Also you can go to the bible or other spiritual books.
Or sing one of your favorite up lifting songs and sing it loud.
One authority on self talk says that it only takes thirty second to change our attitude, since we can only think about one thing at a time it doesn't take long to get ourselves out of the dumps if we have a good song to sing, or some great uplifting affirmations to repeat to ourselves.

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