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I needed to get fit

I don't actually think I had really done any real exercise since I was a teenager. Married with 2 kids and a busy work life I now found myself coaching my own son's teenage rugby team. In addition to that, the club my son played for decided that they would run a Vet's (over 40) team as well. If I was going to join I would need to lose weight fast & gain muscle. To be honest just to keep up with coaching the squad I look after would mean I had to seriously look towards getting fit.

Well to be honest I had little choice. I had to get fit quickly but far more importantly lose some of the excess baggage I had put on over the past few years. LOL! In addition IF I was to start playing rugby again after these many years & I do mean many years I would have to replace my fat with muscle.

But where to begin? So after many many days & hours browsing the internet for ideas and suggestions I came across a program that seemed perfect program for me. It not only offered to help me lose weight but also gain muscle.


So after watching the videos & reading various articles on this program I decided that I would be a fool not to join.

All I can say is that I am so glad I did. I'll be honest I've only just started to follow the program but already within a few days I feel so much better. In fact I don't feel like I'm going to pass out by just jogging around the rugby pitch. Now I couldn't of said that a couple of weeks ago. I already feel healthier but more importantly I have much more energy that I had only a matter of weeks ago.

At 45 years of age I'm doubt if i'll get the 6 pack that you see on the weight loss program, but then again thats not the reason I joined it. I simply wanted to lose some weight and gain muscle.


I now look forward to playing a rugby match, playing in the same team as my son. Don't think I would last long against those youngsters but you never know. LOL!

So if your anything like me and firstly need to lose weight, then seriously I couldn't think of a better weight loss program for anyone to join.

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