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How To Feel Warm In The Cold By Reframing Your Words

The weather outside is beginning to turn crisp which means I need to pull out my gloves and scarf.
I don't know about you but the thoughts of cold and snow are not exciting to me.
When I shiver my shoulders get all tensed up and then they get stiff.
My jaw quivers uncontrollably and my teeth chatter and smash together.
I walk with a hunch in my back and shuffle along like I am on my last legs.
It's not like this is the first winter season I have ever experienced.
Is it because I am getting older? Nope.
I have always been like this.
And seriously, what is the point of winter and seasons anyway? I can drink hot chocolate anytime, doesn't need to be cold for me to enjoy.
Oh, you say, but nice walks in town or down a country road with the one you love, as it gently snows, how beautiful.
Yeah for you maybe but I am single.
So now what..
should I go make a snow angel, or maybe sit in my front yard and roll some snow balls for my version of Frosty.
I'll get right on that.
Oh and all that money I spent on my summer plants, gone.
They are all dead.
What a waste.
Now, I can only imagine how you feel after reading that.
I know how I feel after writing it.
If this is the kind of conversations we have with ourselves is it any wonder we feel so miserable? Where did this ability or lack thereof come from in the first place.
What makes a person think whole conversations based on negativity.
Not one positive statement and it happens daily, we just don't recognize it because we have become immune.
We begin to feel so miserable we take great joy knowing someone else feels bad, too.
And if they don't we will make sure they do, hence the statement 'misery loves company'.
Let me ask you again, where did this amount of negativity originate from.
How did your view of the world get so manipulated.
My friend, once you answer that question you will be on the road to mental freedom and a much more pleasurable life.
Was this thought pattern passed down to you, was your family unable to see the good in anything or did you suffer some hardships in life and became predisposed to misery and fear.
It does not need to be this way.
Re read the initial story above and reframe the words.
Put everything in a positive context and really FEEL the beauty that comes out of the story.
You will find that although the story is based on cold, you will feel very warm inside.
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