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Are You Ready to Stop the Addiction - What Does it Take to Stop?

Addiction can be to drugs, alcohol, overeating, gambling or even internet usage.
We get addicted to something mentally when it appears to ease our pain or promise some new possibility such as getting a windfall of money.
Certain substances can lead to a physical addiction.
This includes nicotine addictions, cocaine dependency and an addiction to opiates.
When there is a physical addictive issue treatment often involves tapering off the substance or a detox program.
A psychological addiction is often an additional component that needs to be addressed.
Psychological addictions usually has an obsessive element.
Someone who has a computer addiction finds ways to sneak onto the internet during family functions, at work and during vacations.
When people have an addiction to marijuana there can be a lot of calculations on places to smoke at work or school, how to get away from one's family to smoke marijuana and ways to cover up the evidence.
The first step is to recognize there is a problem.
Instead of brushing it off by saying that it is just something I like to do or it's a habit, try to analyze if it's taking up a lot of your mental energy and time.
How much of your day is planned around this activity or figuring out ways to be able to get back to it? What's it like if you can't get on the internet, smoke marijuana, overeat or get to a casino? Don't forget there are other addictions including shopping sprees, excessive sexual activity and even fitness workouts.
Look at what it seems to offer you.
Is it relieving some pain inside you've been carrying for a long time? What do you hope for if get more shoes in a shopping spree or win a jackpot gambling? How will this make you happier? Examining the promise that the addiction holds is an initial way to get motivated.
Will pursuing this over and over again give you what you really want? Are you fed up yet?

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