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It"s Not in Your Dreams, Its Reality

During a Philadelphia beauty contest a candidate was asked "if body (referring to the body figure) will be the basis whom do you think will win this contest?" the candidate looked at her fellow candidates, took a deep breath uttering this words "to be honest, I don't see anyone with an appealing body similar with mine. Oops, can I choose myself?"

It’s crazy but it's true, majority of woman think that they are sexier than the other eve out there. How do you define the word sexy, anyway? Being sexy can be in two different forms the first one deals with the physical appearance while the second deals internally and cannot be seen. 36''24''36, these measurement is said to be the basis of what a sexy woman is. But do you know that you can still be sexy without losing the weight, its mind over matter.

If you think that you are sexy, then you are. By believing that you are sexy, you are not only creating your own world, you are also creating your own rule.

What represents being sexy? Swim suit, bikini, and off course the classic lingerie. Though you cannot be that sexy, you can still feel that you are. Being sexy adds self confidence regardless of whether it’s reflected in the body or perceived by the mind.

One of the biggest problems of married plus sizes women are the fact that their husbands lose interest with them when it comes to sexual intercourse. As woman let not your size ruin your partnership, it may appear to be a jerky idea but you can reinvent yourself, Surprise your husband with red sexy and seductive lingerie can be a helpful tool. You should not be afraid of the pocket weight, wholesale lingerie [] franchise stores, retail shops, and even jewelry store are your resources.

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