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If you're searching for a Christian devotional blog but are having a difficult time finding one that speaks directly to you in a relevant and creative way, then take some time and read on.
Here are a few tips to look for a Christian devotional blog that is both relevant and challenging.
Look for one's that speak your language.
Over the last few years I've searched for blogs and devotionals online that speak my language and genuinely encourage and challenge me.
I've come up with very few that truly touch my soul and give me some food for the day.
I was looking for something a lot like the psalms - an open book (journal) into someone's spiritual life that would help me relate and understand God.
Find One that Challenges Your Faith.
Look for a Christian devotional blog that challenges your faith.
You want to stretch your daily spiritual life so don't turn a website that doesn't challenge your beliefs and cause your faith to grow deeper and stronger.
Just like building muscles, there must be a level of pushing farther and reaching higher for results.
A place of freedom.
Find a Christian devotional blog that causes a place of freedom to be built in you.
In my blog I strive to create a place where I am able to share my heart and open my soul to the global audience (or the few that find me).
My objective isn't to make money or see my name in lights, I simply pray that God will direct those who need to hear the words He's been speaking to me.
It is amazing that with the invention of the internet people across the world can find truth and light in simple blog I'm writing in the US.

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