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How To Understand Your Dreams

Copyright (c) 2011 Deidre Glendon

What is a dream? Wikipedia defines dreams as a succession of images, sounds or emotions that pass through the mind during sleep. Everyone remembers dreaming at some time in their lives. Children will often speak of the dreams that they've had. Children's dreams are very real to them. But as a child gets older they seem to forget that they're dreaming and are convinced that they don''t dream anymore. People do dream each time that they sleep. They just don't remember their dreams. It's sometimes sad when this happens because dreaming can be beneficial for everyone. These are some of the ways to understand your dreams that may help you in your life.

One way is to understand that your dreams may be linked to stressful situations, worry, happiness or numerous emotions that are tied to your ego. Your mind may be filled with many thoughts and emotions that are disconcerting and confusing. The dream state is a way in which you may perceive your troubles, your negative emotions and positive emotions. What you may have been afraid to think of while you were awake, could be presented to you while you are asleep. In this way you may be able to see everything more clearly. Clarity could bring more peace in your life. It could also give you more answers to the questions that you may have about situations in your life.

Another way to look at dreams could be through spiritual intervention. When you sleep you fall into a trance-like state and the "busy" in your life temporarily stops. At this time you could have been praying or asking for help or guidance. Dreaming could be spirit's way to guide us and to give messages. When it is quiet and the hustle and bustle of life's energy slows down then you can more easily be open to spirit. Dreaming could also be perceived as a type of meditation. Be still and spirit can more easily connect with you.

Dreams can also represent your desires and wishes. It can be linked to a goal in your life that you wish to attain. Dreams can bring you hope, love, happiness, peace, clarity and a sense of comfort. Sometimes dreams can help you to pay closer attention to certain events, situations and people in your life. Be open to the possibilities that dreams can serve a purpose for you. But be careful about the interpretation of your dreams because it may be difficult to ascertain.

Are you open to the possibility that everyone dreams when they fall asleep but most of us don't remember our dreams? Here is what I do that I have found helpful. I intentionally ask to remember my dreams and most of the time I do receive the gift of remembering. I do this especially when I'm asking for guidance and I want to remember the message. When I'm asking for guidance from spirit with gratitude I'll ask for help that is for my highest good while I'm asking a specific question. I'll do this right before I fall asleep. I'll also ask for spirit to answer me in my dream and to help me remember. I have come to understand that if a specific question is asked then the answer will more likely be specific and clearer. If a general question is asked then a general answer is usually given that can lead to more confusion. I find that dreaming and remembering my dreams have helped and comforted me. You may want to try this to see if it works for you. Be open to all the possibilities that your dreams could help you!

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