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Causes and Prevention of Heat Strokes During the Summer Months

Heat strokes in the summer can happen without notice.
The body temperature increases and one may not be paying attention.
It can occur by working outdoors, too much bodily strain in heat or just being still in very hot weather.
Sweating is a way that the body helps to restore the temperature.
If you are not perspiring then this can be something to note as it may proceed the situation.
One reason why it can occur is that there is forgetfulness in drinking fluids and an inattentiveness to the external conditions.
If you know you are sensitive to the sun and hot weather, take an umbrella, wear a hat or cap and remember to wear cotton.
Don't wear clothing colors such as black that absorb.
Nylon can lock in moisture.
It is common to wear very tight clothing during hot days but these can be too restrictive to circulation.
Did you eat before heading out because that can also help your body out.
What are you eating in the summer? Try to stay away from hot foods such as chili peppers and spices that can raise your temperature.
Bring Gatorade or water with you when you head to play or watch sports or venture out to a park or beach.
If you can schedule your activities late in the day or early in the morning it is better than going lunch time when the sun is at its maximum.
Beware if you have symptoms such as feeling lightheaded, dizziness, breathing issues, agitation and exhaustion.
We tend to hope things will just go away but these are symptoms that need to be addressed.
This is especially true for the elderly and children that may be neglecting their bodies.
Use a wet towel to lower the body temperature, drink water and fluids and cool the area under the armpits to reduce the body's heat.

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