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Life Recovery

There are many times when We are the roughest critics of ourselves.
These are usually times when we feel we have fallen short of other peoples expectations of us.
This then leads to a spiral of blaming ourselves for the fact that We fell short then to blaming the people around us for the pressure that they apparently put on us.
These cycles usually lead to actions that We regret or habits that begin to harm us.
These things might not begin to show themselves for years but when they do it's usually too late for us to get rid of them right away.
These are times when we need to begin a 'Life Recovery'.
When we should start re-evaluating how we treat ourselves in our own minds and how the actions we are taking really affect us.
When beginning to perform this recovery the most important thing to do is list the actions that We know are harming us.
Being honest with self is a daunting task but take a day off or at least a few hours to reflect on the actions You believe are harming You and write them down.
Next ask the question 'if I loved Myself would I be doing this?' about each of these actions.
  When You find that the answer to this question is 'no' then it's time to begin creating the affirmations that are going to help get You to the person You want to be.
First after making the list of the things You are doing that are harming You make a vertical line down the paper and on the opposite side put the opposite action.
An example would be for example if You have 'I eat foods that are bad for Me' then on the other side put 'I eat delicious and healthy meals'.
Once You've done this with all of the actions that You would like to change rip the piece of paper in half along the center line.
Take the part that has all the actions that have harmed You and light the piece of paper on fire, watch it turn to ash and blow away in the wind.
After this each morning after You wake and each night before You sleep repeat all the positive affirmations.
After repeating them imagine Yourself as the person that does all of those things on a daily basis.
While imagining being this person when ideas occur to You of things to do or steps to take jot them down immediately and take the actions outlined therein.
With this simple process I promise You, You'll be the perfect You in no time! Thank You for reading and have a beautiful, beautiful life.

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