Health & Medical Self-Improvement

A Blueprint for Success

This article is not about getting rich in a monetary since, or about acquiring things.
It's not even a blueprint for gaining wealth and fame.
It is about defining success and fitting it into your life and your alliance to it.
It's about stepping out and being everything God intended you to be.
Here you will explore a blueprint or strategy for finding the truth.
It is time to face the ghost within, the center of your being and what you discover there, may not be to your liking.
It is time to take an in-depth deep look at your inner self .
through self analysis and throwing out the garbage.
You may find you have been chasing a success that is elusive and detrimental.
Reach down deep within and pull out the essence of God, after all, He placed it there for you.
You will be renewed, reborn, and certainly regenerated.
Whatever the process or term, your eyes will be opened .
you will awake to enjoy and experience life in a whole new way.
The road to personal achievement is an exercise in self realization.
It is about development and giving birth to a whole new set of values and morals that will draw good decent people to you.
What was not important to you in the past will suddenly become a focus of significance.
You will reach deep within your being and pull out the real person hiding there.
You will touch the very core of your existence and challenge your whole belief system -- that has dominated your entire past life.
You will build upon a framework of past experiences to solidify future accomplishments.
At times you will be bewildered and confused, because traditional concepts will no longer apply.
You will be operating outside the traditional box.
Today you begin a new understanding.
You have been bottle fed all of your life -- and now it's time to break away and stand on your own two feet.
It's time to be the person you were meant to be.
Face life eye to eye and demand your rightful place.
We will supply you with "progressive wisdom concepts", and urge you on.
You are the ultimate solution.
Everything hangs on how much you want to change.
How strong are your desires and your willingness to sacrifice? Here-- there is no getting around it -- "new rules apply.

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