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How to be a winner in your Life’s Current Situation

Have things gone well....or do you feel "stuck"?
Maybe your emotions have been burnt somewhat during the passage of life. And you feel desensitized.

Perhaps things have recently come unstuck for you......and you are back near square one. Maybe some of your previous lifestyle decisions were wrong and you're now paying the price for this faulty decision making.
If this is the case then there is one vitally important thing to realize.

When you were born you did not come with an instruction manual!

And as such the only way you can learn and develop your own belief system is through trial and error. Mainly error!!!!

So if you have made some previously bad lifestyle decisions do not feel too bad about it because everyone else around you has also made faulty decisions in the past.

It is part of the learning process.

Everything that has happened to you up to now has been part of your learning curve.

If you take a piece of A4 paper and draw a straight line across the centre of the paper from left to right then all your "past" is represented by the area below the line. Your future is above the line. The line itself represents the here-and-now...that
Sit down in some quiet place and think deeply about this.
The decisions you make today will affect the space above the line....your future.

You might like to make a momentous decision and say to yourself......"today I have finished school and learned life's lessons. From here on I use these lessons to become a winner in life"......

You can now prepare yourself for your future winner's life by taking another piece of paper and writing down all those things you do that make up your existing lifestyle. This may take several pages of paper.

Then divide this list of items into 2 separate lists.
The first list will contain all the items that are necessary only for your personal happiness and wellbeing.
Be totally ruthless about this.

The second list will contain all the remaining items. Go through these items one at a time and ask yourself...."Does this particular item have any real value for me? Will it help me become a winner?€

If the answer is NO then cut the item right off your list.

The rest of your life is above that line on the paper. What is below that line is closed off and finalized as from NOW.

Some of the things that you will be doing from now on might take you out of your personal comfort zone but this is a small price to pay for becoming a winner.

Winners are used to stretching their comfort zones.....this is how they find where their limitations are.

A lot of the items below your line on the paper (your life up until now) are the result of your belief system. That accumulation of all the things you have ever believed in. If you sit down and analyze your major the light of might be somewhat dumfounded to find that a number of them are totally without a reality foundation.

If you want to create a fantastic stress-free lifestyle for yourself you have to prepare your mind by laying the belief groundwork (which is what we've been doing so far) then lay out a visualization and action plan. On this basis it is highly likely that what you seriously and emotionally want to achieve will happen. Maybe not in the time-frame you want but it usually happens eventually.

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