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How to Ratchet Up Your Game and Make Money While Others Whine

When economic times get tough, you will find winners and whiners in your business. Which one are you?

It is easy to tell. You either make money or you make excuses.

If you make money, you are a winner. If you make excuses, you are a whiner. This is hardly rocket science.

And the foregoing holds true during good days or bad, thick or thin. It is just as true in a rising market or a falling market (regardless of your particular market).

Even a casual observer will verify this. The top performers in any business stay at or near the top regardless of the business conditions at any given time.

Why? They know how to be flexible and seek the low-hanging fruit in any market. They fire up their competitive spirit to out-work, out-think, and out-hustle others in their field.

In fact, when business conditions are the worst, the smart money in any field makes even more money.

Why? Most of the rest of the field is whining. So this means that your competition is thinner, less focused, and demoralized.

This is perfect for wealth seekers because the widely-accepted ways of generating business either do not work or do not work as well. Most of the field is jittery, in a panic, and bemoaning the current difficult straits.

So the top performers ratchet up their game by adjusting their approach for the new conditions of the moment. They fire up their competitive zeal and draw deeply from their all-encompassing desire to succeed.

They take decisive action with an updated plan and a competitive fire and set their minds for victory, not in spite of adversity, but because of it.

So here is how to turn things to your advantage. Decide how to respond to the current market

conditions and fire up your determination to succeed. The first point relates to the tactics and strategies of your particular business.

So here are two key presuppositions:

There is a way to profit from this market.
Somebody out there knows how to do this.

Once you accept and believe that a way does exist to capitalize on the current market conditions, you have taken an enormous leap. This alone places you well beyond most of the other market participants.

Most believe the buzz they hear in the press and from colleagues who are just as broke as they are. As a result, they have effectively removed themselves from the market. You should welcome this situation. It leaves more opportunity for you.

You can discover these ways of capitalizing on your market by asking yourself these questions:

If a way did exist to capitalize on this market, what might it be?
What would the smartest, shrewdest, and most ambitious participant in my market do right now? Where would such a person look for opportunity?

Then trust your mind. Before long, you will have either the answer you seek or a good place to find the answer you seek.

At the very least, you will have a promising strategy with which to start. In this way, you "ratchet up your game" and customize it for the prevailing market.

So you need not be troubled by dismal economic news. Instead, see it as a creative opportunity that others leave to you.

Let other whine while you win.

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