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White Sun - Words of Wisdom

Devotees of Tao of Heaven are considered fortunate to learn directly from Heaven constantly in the temple of Tao of Heaven.
The teachings are the current words of wisdom to suit the modern people.
Although the spirits and principles of the ancient scriptures never changed, the historical, cultural, political and social background varied through time.
Wisdom is like a chest of treasure.
Once we open it, there are many precious and invaluable gems that we can gain.
Within it, gives the answers to the many mysteries in life and the universe.
With it the Saints and Sages are awakened and enlightened to the understanding of the Truth.
I would like to give an example of the teachings by JiGong: "The brightness of the moon is intense but does not affect the eyes.
This brightness is called the 'brightness of nature'.
Those who are devout ascetic practitioners have hearts which are able to receive the reflection of this brightness.
This means that their hearts are sincere and pure - not a spot of dirt or dirtiness - quiet, peaceful, brilliant.
The reflection in the heart, although static, is in fact quite movable, very much like a peaceful pool or lake, the surface of which is relatively steady thus making it possible to reflect the surrounding objects.
Because the heart is peaceful and serene, truthfulness prevails and nothing is concealed, thus making it possible to reflect the owner's original pure personality at birth, thereby making it possible for him to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.
Ascetic practitioners, now living, should endeavour to retain their original nature at birth and should not be influenced by the infection of the surrounding sinful world.
They should set an example and should show their acquired rays of supernatural power.
Human beings now walk about on marble floors and pitch roads, live in houses, sitting, sleeping on most expensive beds and enjoying every type of luxury but, wherever they are or go about, dirt will surround their bodies.
Even if there is any suction machine or any cleansing or bleaching powder, yet the dresses must be changed 'twice in every three days' - this means that this dirty and sinful world is like a 'bitter sea'.
Sakyamuni Buddha when preaching in 'Ling Shan' produced a flower.
Everyone kept quiet but 'Kasyapa' had a smile on his face.
This flower was not an ordinary flower but was a flower representing the heart of 'Jie Ye' (the divine true self).
So when 'Jie Ye' saw the flower, his heart was very happy.
Now, I come to Earth and communicate with you people by means of planchette writing; those who are bewildered have their doubts thinking that these planchette writing are man-made and therefore they are unconcerned; but to those who are enlightened, on seeing the planchette writing, become aware and understand that the writing is my communication and is what I want to make known.
It is like gold being panned or sifted from sand and they appreciate this by the smile on their faces as if they have acquired a lot of jewellery or treasure.
" He further said in a poetic form, "Life is like a play, yet how greedy we are.
For the short-lived delight of the siesta! Before long all our glorious and flaming deeds shall vanish! Before long we shall hastily live and die! Why contend among others and oneself and boast about one's wisdom and talents? When the Wind and Fire disperse, the old and young exist no more! The great earth wears heroes to pieces.
The white hair will soon invade the black.
On the river of love (desire), how many appears and disappears? In the burning-house, one suffers births and deaths!" These are words of wisdom about life.
How can one learn and progress in life in order to save oneself! To the one who appreciates it, he treasures it like gold, to the one who does not treasure it, he treats it like rusty iron.
Author: T.
A Chew

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