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Have you ever hoped out of bed on a bright sunny morning, grabbed your favourite garment and proceed to dress yourself only to find it is too tight? To be honest you probably were aware of the extra weight developing around the middle but was not an issue until now.
Now before you rush in to a program consider this.
Most people looking for a weight loss program jump into one without thinking if this is going to work.
Not all programs work.
So they look for another.
Now this is good for business, not for you.
You need to be positive this is what you want and you must be consistent and could save you a lot of money in the long run.
Self Help Okay so were to from here.
Well the Pharmacies are always close by, Maybe they could help with advice and products.
That would be similar to buying a garage door from your AHI garage door supplier.
They will not sell you another brand or even a better brand if they do not stock them.
I hope you get the point there.
Okay, what's your next option.
A library, diet products, fancy machines, no they are a waste of money.
Remember losing weight does not have to be expensive.
The first thing to do is look at your diet.
You will not lose weight no matter what you try if your diet is prohibiting your weight loss.
Number one rule is to start the day with a high fibre breakfast cereal (do not skip breakfast) This very important meal starts the digestive system which will start your metabolism for the day and that is important to weight loss and also factual.
Eat smaller meals during the day but more frequently.
Naturally these meals should be healthy and include plenty of fresh fruit and fish, not junk food such as burgers and fries etc.
Believe it or not but chewing your food users calories so why not chew your food well and start losing weight while eating and enjoying your food.
Information overload.
Over the past years there was a lack of information on weight loss etc.
That is not the problem anymore Since the age of electronics or web, weight loss has become big business, and now has become information overload which is not good because it causes confusion.
Its like the garage door company I earlier spoke about, they all sell the best product.
You have to suss out what door will work for you.
Same as weight loss and fitness, you will have to read between the lines and find a product that will work.
Sure we know you are not the expert but rest assure you are in the right place.
Read on.
Medical Profession There is only one thing worse than information overload is the professionals such as research Scientist MD's, PhD's, registered dietician and certified trainers giving completely contradictory advice.
What more can I say.
The Solution So how do you bypass all the hype from the big weight loss corporations.
When you read what the professionals are saying, how can we read between the lines.
Is it a cover-up, a myth or just a scam?

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