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Prophecy - Releasing Supernatural Power

The word anointing means "power" and comes to all who ask for more of the Holy Spirit's Presence.
I experienced a vision a few years ago.
Jesus appeared clothed in brilliant white with radiating light beams shining around Him.
He was elevated above everything else that existed.
In this vision I saw that all His attributes were in His very Presence.
By that I mean for instance, that healing is within Him not something that He has to go to the supply room to retrieve so He can give it to someone in need.
In the same way every other provision needed by believers was not an item on the shelf awaiting for delivery but all these were in Him.
Not separate, but in Him and part of Him.
The source of your anointing is Christ but is delivered by the Holy Spirit within you.
The name of Christ means Anointed One.
Every place in scripture where His Name is used, it is a reminder of His great office and power.
He is also Jesus (Savior) and Lord (Master) Jesus stills asks the question of His followers today: Who do you say I am? Your answer to this question could well determine your place in eternity.
It is that important.
The answer to this vital question will also dictate as to how you live this life on earth.
Are you a " Christ-One ? " (Christian?) If we are a Christian then we should be like him, for Christ is in us and the Holy Spirit will exalt Christ through us.
This promise of the anointing coming upon you is for today.
It is so precious.
Once touched by the Holy Spirit's presence as He comes upon you, nothing else will ever fulfill the cry of your inner spirit.
Peter the apostle, under the power of the Holy Spirit said that this anointing was for all that the Lord would call.
Acts 2:39 Are you part of the Body of Christ? If you are, you have a ministry function or role in His Body.
Yes you do! Every person as a born again believer has purpose, calling and function and is a member of Christ's church.
The anointing of the Holy Spirit on your life will take you into a dimension of supernatural power that will empower you to fulfill your role as if Christ Himself were doing it with the abilities He has.
Think of this for a moment.
Let this become the inner image of who you are in Christ and what this anointing can do through you.
The anointing will lift burdens from you and destroy yokes of oppression that are over you.
Every work of the enemy will be destroyed by this power from the Holy Ghost.
Yes, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty from everything that oppresses.
What victory there is in this anointing.
Recently, the Lord gave me opportunity to speak in Brazil.
Some of those meetings were so saturated with His anointing.
Spiritual hunger draws the anointing of the Lord into meetings.
In some of those meetings people were overwhelmed by His power and collapsed to the ground.
These were definitely not courtesy falls.
They were laying all over the ground in the tent completely overpowered by the Holy Spirit.
Those trying to get up staggered like drunken sailors only to fall again.
Laughter was everywhere.
People were shaking under His power.
Ushers were carrying people to the sides so others could come forward.
We prayed for more than 500 people that night.
Some of these people looked like they were being violently electrocuted by the Lord.
They of course were fine but experienced great deliverances and impartation of power.
Many were healed.
Some were stuck to the floor and couldn't get up.
Many had visions.
Some sobbed and others danced in His Presence.
Young people got saved and delivered from drugs.
This is what the anointing does.
It releases Heaven into earth.
It is glorious and wonderful.
In another location in Brazil when I gave a prophetic word about God releasing an anointing for intercession before the interpreter could translate my words, twenty or so people were violently knocked out of their chairs down to the floor and began to weep, scream and pray earnestly for God's will to be done on earth.
It was like a hand grenade had been thrown into the meeting.
Folding chairs scattered everywhere when these people were taken into intercession by the Holy Spirit.
The Lord did incredible things in those meetings.
The Holy Spirit is powerful.
When He works we call it His anointing.
In Africa I have talked with one pastor who was raised from the dead.
Many others have experienced the same resurrections.
God is doing great and mighty works.
Blind eyes are being opened, deaf ears hear and lame people are walking.
This is real stuff.
Not fabricated lies.
His anointing is as real today as it was when Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit's power and went about doing good.
It is for today and available for today.
May the Lord impart His anointing even now into you.
May you experience the prophetic realm and engage His supernatural power.
One of my books entitled " THE KING'S TREASUREY" covers this subject more fully and is available through the website.

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