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Medical Consultation Now Just A Call Away

Urdoctor is an online health portal for most sought after medical advises,suggestions and other health services. We are a team of dedicated web professionals and our government certified medical physicians. We are available to all health seekers in a hassle-free and easy manner to access information and health service facilities over a phone.

We all wish to have a healthy life but we better have planned in advance for our bad days when we are not in best of our medical condition or having ailments. is a simple and yet convenient options to online consult a doctor and have suitable medical treatment and consultation with the physician while you are at home. We provide you best and cost-effective medical facilities like medical advice for the illness you are suffering from and you can directly dial a doctor who will prescribe you suitable plan for treatment.

Our online medical portal aims at offering safe and reliable medical services and advice to our customers without any fuss or trouble. You can go through our website for further information related to various other medical services we provide and register for fast services and results. You don't have to strain your body and drive all the way to visit your regular clinic when with your physician just a call away. You can communicate with our experienced doctors and physicians through mail urdoctor.

Our customers and healthseekers can call our fully qualified and eligible medical practitioner for suitable suggestions on their health issues. provides a trusted and uncomplicated way to consult licensed doctors and physicians from your home through a mail, online chat, or video call.

We believe in making your life a little more comfortable by offering modern medical facilities so that you can keep a check on your health and make your life risk-free. At nominal charges you get the sought after online medical consultation and treatment facilities. You can video chat with urdoctor to discuss your problems with the certified physicians and understand more about your present health condition and how it can be improved. is for anyone and everyone, whether you are a traveler, an expat or a local. You can easily contact us for further information related to the medical membership plans. Our customers can call for other services like ayurveda center, yoga clinic, weight loss clinic, home visit by doctor etc. is a great venture where a common platform is provided to our customers and licensed doctors for needed medical facilitation and appropriate advice.
As said, as long we feel healthy it is fine. But when we are unwell we need support. It always helps to have a standing arrangement for any need of the hour, particularly if it is only at negligible cost.

This venture primarily aims at providing service to people. Profit making on ill-health or someone being unwell cannot be healthy at all or appreciable on any count. So if you do not feel good of it, you can always ask for your own money back, though it is only small. The spirit behind this venture is that we always want you to feel only good, nothing less.

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