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Effective Time Management – 3 Useful Tips!

Dreaming of a day of 48 hours and a week of eight days? You are not alone. Between family life, children, work (at home or at the office), leisure and friends, the clock and calendar become some kind of enemies.

According to a survey conducted on behalf of the Statistical Institute of Qu©bec (ISQ), 41.4% of Quebecers and 40.8% of Quebecers said that they "feel pressed for time, every day ". The Institute noted as early as 1992 that the proportion of "frustrated people" increased with the increase of the amount of time spent at work and at home. Since then, the situation has deteriorated. Just, take a look around you!

The heavy workload at the office and at home, the presence of "thieves of time", the lack of organization, the unfair division of tasks, and the lack of discipline have an impact on your calendar. The lack of time can become a significant source of stress. Do you really need an additional pressure? Between home and work, you are already living at the speed of light. Finally, we must find ways to get back on track!

Learn to say "NO"

To reduce the hours spent alleged emergency and reserve your time for important tasks, we must know how to say "NO". And it's not that easy. To avoid displeasing your boss or to avoid offending a friend (or acquaintance), you would have to agree to many requests at the same time. But when you say a big €No€ in a the right way, you will save a lot of precious time!

Make lists

One of the best ways for effective time management is by dressing a list of things to do every week. Then sort them according to their importance: what is important and urgent (depending on your job, your priorities and your obligations), what is urgent and not important, what is not urgent and important, and what not urgent and not important. Ultimately, your list should reflect your priorities. Do the tasks you have to do first and group your activities.


A good way to manage time effectively is by outsourcing tasks to relatives, colleagues, subordinates, who will perform them. But be sure to check the progress of any task you have outsourced. There is nothing more unpleasant than to learn that a colleague was unable to perform the job. You will then be faced to an emergency.

These are just some effective time management techniques that can help, but you may find more if you read more. So, keep on reading!

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