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Filling Out Your Federal Firearms License Application

In the old country, hunting was a very upper-class activity, and was only gently governed by the law. For example, a firearm couldn't be used on one's own lawn to eradicate an annoying squirrel or rabbit. Of course, the attitudes and laws governing firearms had to be very different when the settlers came to the New World. It was expected that all of the colonists would have a firearm that they could use to protect themselves from the British Army or in any situation where the safety of the colony was threatened.When the United States gained liberty from England, our forefathers made certain to provide for the right to keep and bear arms as a key element in the protection of our rights.This is not just true of our political history, every boy has dreams of shooting as part of his own upbringing. Young boys can make a gun out of just about anything, a stick, a piece of wood, even a finger. As they grow up, some teenage boys also look to guns as a way to bond with their fathers.

They get to "play with the large boys" at the shooting range, learning to hone their marksmanship talents. They may shoot at paper targets, plastic animal targets, clay ducks or cans. As they become older, they will get their hunting licenses and take courses to find out how to shoot deer, turkey and other wild game. Hanging out with father up in a tree stand could be a glorious bonding experience for a young boy who is still learning what it is to "be a man." Our obsession with the firearm is a rite of passage in America. Most adults purchase a gun either for the purpose of self-defense or for sport. According to the nation's Crime Victimization Survey, there are way more than 100,000 defensive gun uses every year. Each day voters can protect themselves from thefts, home invasions and other crimes just by possessing a firearm.

Shooting ranges are all over the place, and gun-toting voters take full advantage of them to improve their marksmanship. It is estimated that more than 12 million citizens possess a firearm for hunting use in America. Some people hunt as a pastime, but many also hunt to put food on the table, just like oure forefathers had to do. Today, the nation's Rifle organisation has approximately 4,000,000 members, which affirms the North American obsession with the firearm. Fundamentally, most Americans truly believe it is their right as a citizen to keep and bear arms. Those who oppose guns typically (and erroneously in my opinion) fear that gun possession increases the probability that innocent people will be hurt.
Over the years, gun rules have been and gone, but the basic Yank tradition of gun possession for most of the people has multiplied over diverse stages of life.

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