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Holiday Maintenance Plan

Have you ever come back from your holiday feeling a bit worse for wear? How many times have you sat in the office and listened to people say 'I need a holiday to get over my holiday', or 'I came back for a rest'? Too much alcohol and rich food takes it's toll on the body and will have the opposite effect of why you went on holiday in the first place, so here are some simple guidelines to make your next holiday leaves you refreshed and not exhausted: - Keep a limit on the alcohol - you may be thinking 'but I'm on holiday' but you know deep down that a 2 week binge will leave you run down! - Stay hydrated - it's very easy to neglect your water intake on holiday even though in the heat you will lose more water than usual,so buy a bottle each day and keep it handy - Just because you're on holiday it doesn't mean you should eat anything you want, by all means have a few treats but still aim for plenty of fruit and veg and if you're by the sea try out the fish, it should be very fresh - Exercise each day - believe it or not your body won't thank you for total rest, so a bit of gentle exercise every day will ensure you feel healthier on your return - Try something new- tennis, swimming, diving, sailing or hill walking will all keep you active whilst having fun! - And finally, there is no need to bring back 5000 sweets and chocolates for everyone in the office, they'll only eat them because they're there.
If you really feel you should bring something back then try and find something local and a bit more interesting! (hint: boiled sweets with a foreign language on the bag are not a local delicacy!)

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