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Using Attitude to Attract Women

How many times have you looked out onto the street and seen the most unlikely couple strolling like two teenagers in love? How many times have you thought to yourself, "I wonder how a schlub like him got a hottie like her?" Could it be that you're a complete spaz? Or is it a certain attitude that he has? Chances are, it's the attitude he carries with him.
By nature, women are attracted to men who display the alpha-male characteristic.
Attraction is not logical; it's animal.
This harks back to the time of cavemen, where women needed a strong mate to perpetuate the species.
This tendency is still going strong now, because women like men who are stable and can take care of them.
But isn't the alpha male usually aggressive, you ask? Why are women attracted to such an aggressive partner? This is where the concept of 'cocky and funny' comes in.
This is the groundwork of attraction, where aggression is softened by an injection of humor.
They can never work separately though; all cockiness leads to arrogance while all humor leads to plain old goofiness.
Like beer and burgers, this is a winning combination.
Women are attracted to this attitude because it makes them feel more comfortable since they're not being objectified as alluring but unattainable beings.
Rather, it brings them to the level of someone you're comfortable with and would like to ask out.
They're used to being hit on directly, and they would definitely appreciate being engaged in a stimulating and entertaining manner.
Start by making a well-placed observation about her, and then counter it with a little gentle teasing.
If you're eying that cute waitress serving you, say something like, "You're cute, but I'm sure your uniform gets you a lot of attention.
I'm pretty sure Joan Rivers will show up at any minute.
" She'll be walking away from your table smiling, seeing that somebody else feels the same way she does about her uniform.
Of course, with all this, it has to lead to something: use this situation to your advantage.
Ask for their numbers! They will be happy to hand them to you, because they want to see more of that cocky and funny attitude in play.
In the event that you do slip up and she takes it as an insult, don't shrink back and say, "I was joking!" She'll storm away and probably put something in your juice.
Even worse, it'll make you look like a complete wuss.
Don't risk it.
Instead, aim for getting under her skin and teasing her so that her interest in you sparks.
Run through the comment in your head once before you say it.
If you think it's something she might like to hear, then go ahead and say it.
If not, then keep your mouth shut and think of something else.
So you see, it really isn't difficult to get their attention.
Show her that you're confident in your ability to reel her in and tease her about going for it so easily, and soon, somebody else will be looking at you on the street and wonder how you managed to find yourself such an attractive girlfriend.

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