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Geezerhood Grief And Amputation

You may choose if you feel old enough to be a geezer.
If you have arrived at the age where you can claim the title of "Geezerhood" or as some say: "older than dirt and rocks" it is important to know you are not alone as an amputee.
The prevalence amputee rate is highest among people aged 65 years and older, 19.
4 per 1,000.
There are more than 185,000 new amputations performed each year in USA.
According to Amputee Coalition of America (ACA Resources for Amputees), in 2007, there were approximately 1.
7 million people with limb loss in the United States (excluding fingers and toes).
Old Age And Amputation Problems Foremost consideration for those who have aged is the difficulty of healing and overcoming a new difficult physical challenge because of their docile habits.
Your passiveness in physical activity always results in a weakening of muscle tone.
This sedentary inactive circumstance can make it more difficult to engage in the necessary actions most helpful to bring back full functionality.
No Effort No Healing A play with words is useful to carefully consider.
You may want to read the next sentences several times.
Measure where you are in your healing efforts - no effort, no healing - know effort, know healing.
The challenge is to rise up from your inactivity.
It may require a few suggestions from a physical therapist to exercise within your limits.
Know Resilience, Know hope, If you have no faith and exert no effort the result is no resilience, no hope.
When you know that you are regularly exerting effort the result is to know healing can and will take place.
Slack And Droopy Muscles Some feel that as they get older at some point they reach their ultimate physical demise.
This condition is often the result of their sedentary life the previous 10 years.
It takes greater effort to revive the muscles you have let slack and become droopy and weak.
My high school coach often said: "It is time to gird up your loins and get into action.
" There really is no other way.
Although you are older, baby steps may be necessary in the beginning, nevertheless necessary.
Healing Requires More Than A Nod Let us face it square-on, amputation is no small thing.
The emotional and mental challenge is significant.
The pain in the beginning is indescribable.
The Physical pain is acute beyond your imagination.
It takes time to heal.
At first you feel naked and helpless.
Some even ask themselves why me.
You may ask why this happened to you.
The answer may be difficult to accept.
Perhaps for you there is no good answer.
One thing is clear, recovery requires more than a nod.
Healing requires resilience obtained only from your own faith and efforts.
Geezerhood Grief Triumphant As you have arrived at the age where you can, if you wish, claim the title of "geezerhood," you have most probably already gone through several refining fires as you walked your life path.
You pulled strength from a reservoir within.
You can again.
It is important you to remember that you had the ability to overcome.
You can do that again.
Know effort, know healing, know resilience, know hope.
Each time you have met a challenge you experienced taking a few steps forward and then a few steps back as you struggled for traction.
Nonetheless you got traction because of your resilience.
You harnessed your power.
You can again as you meet the challenge of amputation.

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