Health & Medical Self-Improvement

Becoming Your True Self

Developing your personality can be enjoyable when the secure foundations of unconditional worth and unconditional love are in place.
There is a driven, joyless quality in trying to improve when these foundation stones are lacking.
Thus, it is important for you to feel open to developing your personality traits and not force them to come to the fore.
Forced personality and character traits lack authenticity.
Sooner or later, you will resent acting like you don't want to and in a way that doesn't define who you truly are.
All of you want to be loved and accepted by others.
But in order for others to love and accept you, you must love and accept yourself first.
Personality development is a process since it is ongoing and never fully completed.
Most of you will go through shifts and revisions in your personality throughout you whole life.
This is what it means to evolve as a person.
And this is just as necessary for self-growth as anything else.
Here a few tips to make the most out of your developmental process.
Go through the developmental process of your personality with a playful attitude.
Leave yourself open to trying different things until you discover what really speaks to you.
Be kind with yourself during this process, especially when lapses occur.
Don't be overly critical of yourself or judgmental.
If at all possible, laugh if something feels strange to you.
And if you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up.
Be patient with yourself.
You won't change over night.
And if there are personality traits that you don't admire, take your time to revise them.
You will also fail once in a while and revert backwards.
That's okay too.
Don't try to imitate others.
Instead, try to discover who you really are.
Trust that you will, over time, cultivate your most unique personality and character traits.
Trust the process and you will be on your way to developing a unique you.
This can be such a wonderful and exciting time for you.
Take the time to discover who you truly are.
You will be so glad that you did.

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