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Fall Detox For Your Mind

A beautiful Fall season is officially here: a perfect time to find balance in our lifestyle and our body after stressful summer routine as well as to celebrate harmony and harvesting.
It is also the right time to detox our mind to feel happier.
Try to take care of different areas of your life.
 Because we, ladies, are full of emotions stress is always in the air for us.
  So we have to think and maybe rethink/take care of our relationship issues, career choices, physical activities levels, spirituality.
The answer to the following questions will help you focus on what you need the most right now to eliminate some unnecessary stress: Which area of your life (relationship, career, finances, physical activities, spirituality, education, health, social life, home environment) you think needs the most attention right now and why is that? Which area of your life you think keeps you in balance? Where do you think you may need to spend more time and energy to create balance?  How satisfied we are in each areas of our life is very important for our overall balance in order to stay healthy.
To find it, we have to start listening to our bodies and paying attention to areas we are dissatisfied the most.
Try Yoga class or Tai Chi class.
Yoga poses reduce stress levels, boost mood, and improve overall health.
   Studies show that your level of the stress hormone cortisol stays low even while you're doing basic beginner yoga.
Tai chi - moving meditation - consists of slow, focused, deliberate moves that awaken your chi and allows it to flow unblocked throughout your body, improving your healthy well-being.
Try to meditate.
There are a lot of variations of basic meditation.
One of them suggests sitting for a couple of minutes doing nothing but being aware of our breathing.
Just sit still for a moment inhaling slowly through your nose, then exhaling long through your mouth.
We have to learn how to prioritize our health, our relationships, our jobs, etc.
, to sort them out and start a wonderful journey to wellness - journey that will help us to get back our happy mind.
Let us detox our mind to feel and look fabulous.

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