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What Is Coachnosis?

You may be familiar with coaching.
There are many variations.
There is:
  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Coach Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
And, the list goes on.
What coaching depends on is a long-term commitment from the coach and the person being coached.
The reason is that, beyond the gathering of information by the coach on where the person has been, is, and is going, and the outcome they would like to have from coaching, there is the process of helping the person being coached to make a shift in their mindset, perceptions, and beliefs.
Many times, the person being coached has to change the self-talk that goes on in their head.
This can take months, even years, of re-training the mind and thought processes.
This is good for the coach.
The more time they spend working with the person they are coaching, the more money they make.
For the person being coached, it can be negative as they have lost opportunities and other negative events that go on in their life until they make the needed changes.
Let's move to a different topic for a moment, hypnosis.
Hypnosis has the ability to help people in almost any area of life.
A person can be regressed back in time where a limiting belief, such as lack of confidence, was installed and clear that neurological pathway to allow new beliefs to be installed that allows for unlimited potential.
Hypnosis can retrain the mind and body to stop a person from abusing their body with tobacco, drugs, and any other self-destructive agent.
Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help people to release traumas, such as being a victim of rape, abuse, and Post Traumatic Syndrome.
Any type of fear can be removed with the use of hypnosis.
It has a wealth of positive effects, as well.
A person can be helped to be happy for no reason at all.
They can be self-confident in any situation.
A person can be freed to reach all of their goals in life.
Because both of these avenues are helpful for people to reach their full potential in life, I've combined the two together and coined the term "Coachnosis™".
Coachnosis™: Definition - The synergetic use of both coaching and hypnosis to help people accomplish their goals faster than they ever thought possible.
I've developed Coachnosis™ because I have seen the astronomical benefits when I have used the two together.
Every time I am in a coaching situation, find out where the person is and where they want to go, and then use hypnosis to accelerate the process of changing their beliefs and thought processes, I have predictable, effective, and quick results.
Now, just think of the immediate benefits:
  • No ramp up time when making changes
  • No lost opportunities
  • Immediate results
  • Lasting changes
  • Predictable outcomes
Creating life in forward motion, Edward Lewellen

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