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Is it Bad to Lose Fat Fast?

Truth is you need to control your calorie intake, eat a healthy diet, and increase your metabolism through resistance and cardio training.
Really it is easy as 1-2-3 don't get sucked into scams and rip offs that don't work.
Here are the four truths you need to know to accelerate your fat loss efforts.
Control calorie intake Let's face it Americans love to eat and we love calorie dense foods like potato chips, sauces, cheese, and meats, etc.
It is really easy to loose track of your calorie intake without a journal.
So the first thing you should do is write down everything you put into your body.
This knowledge will guide you in areas where you need to choose more healthy alternatives.
In addition, be sure to plan your meals a week in advance.
Do your shopping and preparation before your week starts so you have better control and insure a healthy diet.
Healthy diet The key to a healthy diet is to balance your macro nutrients.
This means eating the right proportions of proteins, complex carbs and simple carbs.
Eating the right foods will keep you motivated as your body will generate more energy for you to function.
By focusing on nutritionally dense foods you will avoid junk food except on your cheat day.
Also, replace all beverages with clean filtered water to keep your biochemistry in balance.
Next we focus on increasing your metabolism by making more small changes.
Increase Metabolism The heart center of your ability to burn fat is your metabolism.
Many dieters have to jump start their metabolism because of abusive starvation diets of the past.
The first step is to eat small frequent meals throughout the day.
This means each meal will be about 200-500 calories, consumed 5 - 6 times a day.
You will want to alter your calorie intake by utilizing a technique called calorie shifting.
Calorie shifting is eating higher calories on alternative days and lower calories on others.
Finally, incorporate resistance training into your workout routine.
By building muscle you will create a metabolism that is super charged and burns fat at will.
Finally incorporate cardio to maximize your fat burning abilities.
Smart Cardio Most dieters will buy into industry dogma that low intensity long duration cardio is the best solution to burn fat.
Recent evidence by fitness professions indicates that HIIT (high intensity interval training) is more effective.
A HIIT cardio program will include a warm up period, slow intervals, and fast intervals followed by a cool down period.
This type of cardio program will raise your metabolism even further and burn more fat.
Never again will you be taken by diet industry hucksters.
You are now armed with common sense easy to follow health and fitness principles.
Now go and lose fat fast.

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