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Creating Love and Friendship Using the Law of Attraction

Most people think that love and friendship is the same thing.
But in reality they are very different.
You can be someone's friend but not be in love with them.
If you are married or in a love relationship with someone, you know that you should also be their best friend.
Using the law of attraction to bring love and true friendships into your life requires that you extend this same love and friendship to all people.
Loving and extending true friendship to others is not a trait that comes naturally to most people.
It is something that must be worked at.
For you to extend this love and friendship to others, it is necessary to attract the right people to you.
You can do this by using the law of attraction.
You get what you give.
If you show compassion and kindness to others, they will return that kindness and compassion by becoming a trustworthy friend.
There can be no room for envy, greed or jealousy in your life.
In order to be a true and loving person you must put these negative qualities behind you.
In all relationships, love or friendship, there must be give and take.
Of course you must recognize your faults and work on them constantly in order to become the loving person that is a true friend to all.
Using the law of attraction can speed up this process of becoming the person you want to be.
One of the biggest problems that we all face when becoming the loving friend that we seek to be is that we become so involved with our work or career that we fail to notice the people around us.
When in fact, by becoming a loyal friend to co-workers they will in turn help you to succeed.
This does not mean using people for your benefit.
This is a negative trait that will only return bad in the long run.

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