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Why Modelling Fails When Manifesting Abundance

Now, within the technique of modelling the story is this: If you want to produce a particular result, go find someone else who produced that result, find out what they did to produce the result, do all he same things, and you'll produce the same result.

This technique is taught as a short-cut to you trying to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be yourself. Instead, just go find and find somebody else who's already paved the way, already knows how to do it, and just isolate what they did.

Now, like so many other things there are multiple layers to the "Yeah but..." about modelling.

The first layer is this: If you study it and look at all of the people out there who are using this technique, you see that it does appear to succeed sometimes. There are a lot of people who do appear to create success and begin manifesting abundance from following the modelling strategy.

But it's not the magic bullet as it's claimed to be. Why? Because it doesn't work reliably, like many of the other self-help techniques out there. It works sometimes and not at other times; and it works for some people and not other people.

So many times, you can model somebody, isolate the steps of what they did, but when you try to follow those same steps, it doesn't work for you. And even though it worked for them, it doesn't work for you, and you don't know why... because according to the theory, it should work because it worked for them.

The next layer is there are a lot of people who produce extraordinary results in some aspect of their life or business. But they don't consciously know what they did.

They do what they do. They have a unique way of doing it, and perhaps unique gifts that are part of them being able to do it. And they just do it. They don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out "Well how did I do that? You know, what are the steps?"

Therefore, even if you try to walk them through it, they still can't tell you exactly what they did or how they did it - certainly not with the sort of detail and specificity you'd need to replicate their results anyway, even if they can tell you some of their story.

And yet this modelling strategy is supposed to be "foolproof." So understandably, people get confused, frustrated, and don't know what to do.

But there's a bigger reason why it fails: the presupposition in modelling is, assuming you can figure out the steps and assuming they could work for you, the power is in your intellect being able to isolate a series of steps that worked for someone and can work for you, and that there's a cause and effect relationship between knowing those steps and producing the result.

Except that's not where the real power is.

The power's not in the steps the other person supposedly took or the steps you've isolated from it.

The power is always, always, always behind the scenes in another aspect of your Consciousness and in what I call the True Creative Process that is responsible for everything you experience in your day-to-day life.

This is also part of why, even if you can isolate the steps from someone else who has been very successful at what you want to do, and you follow their steps to the letter, you do everything they did exactly the way they did, but it doesn't work for you... it's because you producing that result period, or in that particular moment, is not in alignment with your unique mission or purpose, and is not in alignment with what's really going on in your life in that moment. Therefore, the True Creative Process doesn't produce that result for you, even though it could.

So when modelling appears to work, it's because there's alignment between your actions and your mission and purpose at that moment in time... but when the alignment isn't there, it will appear to fail.

True Power, True Success, and True transformation don't come from techniques and the illusion of cause and effect between them and your experiences in life. It comes from opening into and being able to align with the True Creative Process.

When you can do that, your life transforms in radical ways, naturally, joyfully, easily -- without effort, pushing, struggle, resistance and pain.

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