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Use Metaphors for Irresistible Persuasion

Metaphors are very effective and subtle ways of giving commands to subconscious mind.
Metaphors being indirect suggestions, communicate ambiguous or multiples meanings.
Metaphors are very useful for persuasion, training, teaching, creative writing, therapy and communicating a message.
Because metaphors are not direct suggestions they open your mind for multiple possibilities.
Metaphors are like lateral thoughts and analogies.
They depict similarities between quit different facets of life to bring out a different meaning and enlightenment.
Metaphors are of many different types and one of the most effective types is story.
We love to listen to stories from our childhood and hence when someone start to tell a story all our guards are dropped and we become open for subtle suggestions which can reach deep down to subconscious and below awareness level.
Milton Erickson used to tell metaphors to clients while they were hypnotized or were in light trance in completely awake state.
We can create the metaphors for every situation or need in our life.
Metaphors can be created with following simple steps: 1.
Think of the objective or result which you want to get from the metaphor.
This can be as simple as communicating some message, imparting a small behavior change or teaching something.
Think about the present situation before change or before learning.
Think about a story which can be related to the scenarios, before change and after change.
Create such a story or use existing story if it matches with the scenarios.
Change the context in story and use different people and objects than those are present in present situation and required result.
Once you are ready with your story then tell the story and check how effective it was.
Note down the results and needed improvements and improve your story for the next time.
Some people are very good at creating their own stories to deliver right message and can use metaphors very effectively to persuade people.
But those who are not that good at it need not worry.
There are books available to learn and use the metaphors written for this purpose.

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