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Weight Loss - Set a Realistic Goal

One of the biggest mistakes people often make when embarking on a weight loss program is setting an unrealistic goal weight.
While a goal weight is a wonderful idea, giving you a determination and a point on the future to focus upon, it is essential that this goal is absolutely attainable.
If it is not the impetus and desire to lose weight suddenly fades when that goal remains out of sight.
An attainable goal should usually be what is a suggested ideal weight for your height; this can be calculated using the body mass index scale.
There are numerous tools provided online that does this automatically, giving you both your current BMI level and your ideal weight.
BMI focuses on body fat and not toning, so if you reach your BMI ideal and still aren't completely happy then it is best to turn your focus to toning up.
By having a realistic goal, you are much more likely to reach an ideal weight.
While you may dream of being eight stone, if you are 5′11" this would actually put you drastically under weight; it is all about finding what suits your body.
BMI is a sliding scale, so if you wish you can aim for the lower end of your ideal BMI, but anywhere within the limits for your height is going to be a comfortable weight for you.
What's more, you'll be able to reach it, and all without the frustration and depression that can be caused by an unrealistic goal.

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