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Obesity - Overweight and the Need to Lose Weight

Let's start with looking at the difference between being overweight and obesity.
According to the National Institute of Health if your body mass index is 25, you are considered overweight.
That means if you are 5'4 and weigh more than 145 pounds you are overweight.
On the other hand if your body mass index is over 30, you are considered obese.
That means if you are 5'6 and 186 you are obese.
Scary isn't it? Obesity is fast becoming the #2 killer of Americans each year, right behind smoking.
According to the Journal of The Medical Association, each year about 400,000 people die from obesity and lack of physical activity.
Its not just the fat but all the medical problems that goes along with it.
Just think of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes as potentially an obese persons new best friend.
Now this is not to say that ever obese person will get any or all of these diseases but the odds are high.
Diabetes itself can lead to blindness and kidney failure with in turn can place you on dialysis.
Dialysis is the method by which you are placed on a machine to filter your blood because your kidneys are not working and are unable to filter the junk from your blood.
Heart attacks are brought on by the clogging of your arteries with fat and plaque.
Strokes can be brought on by a free floating glob of fat in your blood stream that makes its way to the brain and causes an infarction.
An infarction just means that that part of the brain loses its oxygen supply and "starves" to death.
Strokes leave us with paralysis and even death.
We can see how our poor lifestyle and lack of exercise can lead to early death so what do we do...
throw in the towel and hide our heads? No, we decide that we can lose the weight and we can start to exercise and make some changes in our lives.
There are many programs out there for weight loss but be careful as there are a great many products that claim the moon and deliver nothing.
You need to start with a check up from your doctor and then have a weight goal in mind.
Your doctor will help you decide what is healthy for your height and body shape.
The next step is to find a program that works for you as not every plan works for everyone.
Food and exercise are at the root of any weight loss goal and you need to have the desire to do it.
Not your husband or wife...
your sister of children...
YOU need to want to lose the weight.
Think of all you will gain or shall I say...
You will become healthier, have more energy and probably be around for your children's weddings.
Start with the first step and that is admitting to yourself that there is a problem.
Next is to get off your backside and do something about it.
Just be careful which program you chose as there are many that promise the moon but do not deliver.
Also remember that part of any weight loss program will include exercise.
You really do need to use more energy than you take in as food.
In closing I want to wish you all the best in losing your weight and I can say this from a personal standpoint as I have lost over 100 pounds and no longer take blood pressure medication nor diabetic pills.
It can be done...
now just do it as Nike says...

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