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How To Get A Six Pack In A Week And Go Out For Dinner

Sometimes, while diligently dieting to get rid of belly fat and create your beach abs, the thought of eating out makes you cringe. What if they only have fattening, albeit delicious choices? Can I keep to my regime or will I fall prey to peer pressure?  Well, you can be on track with your efforts if you remain disciplined and stick to a few skinny suggestions to continue on your path to get a six pack  in a week.

Consuming liquids to begin with is advised. Order water and unsweetened ice tea with lemon, and begin to peruse the menu while sipping your beverage. Converse with your table mates.  When bread and butter is offered, either resist and refuse, or allow others in your party to partake while your self control takes over.  Look away from the delicious smelling homemade bread that others may chose  to slather with butter. Complimentary pickles provided? Some places offer them, and they are usually dill so no sugar issues here. If unable to resist noshing at all, how about asking for a sliced tomato? Low in calories, non- fat, and loaded with lycopene. It's a restaurant- what restaurant doesn't have tomatoes?

Don't be afraid to ask for something- most restaurants are cognizant of the fact that everyone is different, have different likes and dislikes, and may have medical issues and or requirements that do not allow them to order as described in a menu. Once you identify restaurants that are more cooperative in this way, make them go to places and let them know how pleased you are that they are helping you continue on the six pack path.

Now, concentrate on your entrée: broiled, grilled, baked or poached. Nothing fried. That was easy.  Add veggies and a wonderful fresh salad that you dress yourself with olive oil and either lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. No salt, just pepper. You are now feeling smug and skinny and your six pack abs are firming as you observe the others eating fried foods and fries. Folks dining with you will see how and what you are eating and will surely ask about it. That is part of the interesting conversation you can have to verify to yourself that you are doing the right thing.

Finally, if you still have room, while others dive into banana cream pie (remember you're on course to get a six pack!), ask for the freshest fruit they have an enjoy. Now reach for that six pack!

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