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Simple Steps to Increase Intelligence

Several factors play into any one individual's intelligence.
From practiced techniques to adequately consumed nutrition there are some very beneficial things one may easily do on a daily basis to steadily increase their intelligence for long term gain.
Carpe Diem - Seize the Day! Typically entertainment easily outweighs any unfavorable activity we may have in mind to do; digital entertainment especially in today's world.
Why not substitute a few hours of sitting in front of the computer or TV with reading or some other mentally taxing work.
It only seems unfavorable because you are not used to it.
Train yourself to be better adapted to it.
Soon you might find yourself picking up that unfinished book rather than plopping yourself in front of favored digital media.
An aid to productivity: At any given moment during the day if you have any question as to what might be a favorable activity, ask yourself what would be the most beneficial thing to do at this moment and do it.
Not only will this aid mentally, but it will allow you a boost in productivity.
A Spotlight on Nutrition This almost goes without saying, but nutrition plays a very large role in the optimal function of brain activities.
This is both more obvious, but far harder than most decision because of the discipline involved.
For an easy transition, start by substituting individual food choices in small decisions to better acquaint yourself with healthier eating.
A bag of chips or that shiny red apple? A poor diet does little to nothing in aiding increased intelligence.
As you probably don't even give additional thought to the less healthy option, train yourself to naturally pick up on healthier smaller choices.
In time these small decisions will add up and you might be amazed at how your diet has changed.
Small steps can lead to big change and for increasing intelligence; small mentally rewarding activities made into habit can easily yield great long term benefits.

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