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Tried Every Workout Out There, But Still No Results? Read This!

Ok so when it comes to effective workouts there are many different ways to approach the topic right? You can break this topic into many different categories such as mass, definition, BMI, and just overall health.
The problem with effective workouts is finding a workout that will hit all of these different categories at the same time.
This is the type of workout that I have always been searching for, and eventually I found it, it's Swimming.
I used to be the type of person who would spend hours at the gym lifting weights, doing lots and lots of abs, but I just never got to the point where I actually felt like I was working out effectively, or getting that body that I wanted.
After my "Hours and Hours of Weights Phase" I tried cardio.
I found that cardio was in fact a pretty good workout, but I just felt like I had to spend hours and hours doing it to feel like I was getting a good workout, and again the results never seemed to show.
In addition to that, it can be high impact which is definitely a downside for me and I just could never stick to it.
I never got excited about it.
Then I discovered swimming! I first became interested in swimming through the Olympics.
Those guys up there just looked totally ripped! They had mass, definition, and don't even get me started on endurance.
The first day I hopped into the pool, I expected it to be a walk in the park.
Oh man was I wrong.
The pool that I started swimming in was a 25 meter pool, and when I did that first 50, I was gasping for air.
After that first workout my shoulder, chest, legs, abs, and back were all totally sore! I could not believe the workout that I had gotten just by swimming! I was immediately convinced that this was the workout that this was the workout that I had been looking for all along.
After a few short days I was seeing tremendous results.
I was noticing my muscles becoming more defined around my chest and shoulder area, as well as my arms, I was feeling the strength that I was gaining in those muscles as well, and it was obvious to me that my body fat percentage was dropping fast! Swimming! I would have never believed anyone if they told me that this was an effective workout, but now I can never deny it! If you want to get in shape, if you want to increase your muscle mass, muscle definition, decrease body fat percentage, and just be in great physical shape, then there is only one way to get there.
You have to swim there.

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