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Arabic Sweets And Oriental Delicacies

From baklava, the traditional Middle Eastern pastry, to Maamoul, the traditional Middle Eastern coolies, to cream and cheese based sweets, oriental delicacies and Arabic sweets are a quality that marks this part of the world.
Oriental sweets are also the perfect gift that many people choose to offer for many of their occasions.
In dinner parties, holiday gathering, graduations and engagements, people offer and consume them on a regular basis.
During the holy month of Ramadan, it is common to finish your iftar by having Arabic sweets as a dessert.
The delicious world of the Lebanese sweets also include very unique and mouthwatering recipes adding a twist to some already known oriental sweets like the "Baklava" soaked with syrup. Lebanese sweets include also the semolina based pastries such as Nammoura, Sanyoura, Sfouf etc.
Baklava is the perfect gift to choose when there are occasions such as graduation, new born babies, dinners or lunch parties.
Baklava's set is composed of different category of oriental sweets like Borma, Basma, Basima, Ballorieh, Fingers, Roses, and Bokaj .
"Maamoul" that is filled with crushed walnuts, dates, or pistachios and then coated with powdered sugar is considered as the main consumed dessert in Easter time and it's a must during its holidays.
Many oriental and Arabic sweets shops offer different types of Maamoul ranging from the traditional or classical ones, to the "Mini Mamoul" in all its different shapes and kinds wrapped in specifically modified packages.
Beside the classical Maamoul, you can always find fresh, sweet and delicious assorted Maamoul Madd , Sanyoura filled with Pistachios or Sanyoura Plaine.

Halewet El Jeben is also a delicacy that should not be missed. This heavenly dessert refers to the third category of oriental sweets that are made with cream and cheese; this dessert is a masterpiece that most of oriental Arabic sweets shops have in their show rooms.
Bohsalino, Mafroukeh, Katayef and Othmalliyeh, are also oriental sweets referring to the same creamy and cheesy base that it is worth tasting it.

Due to the diversity and the different types of oriental sweets, a box of these sweets guarantees that every person will find a piece that satisfies his taste.
Whether you are a pistachios lover, or you prefer walnuts or dates, creamy, crunchy or softy sweets
you will definitely find your choice in a box of assorted Baklava, Mamoul or any of the oriental sweets mentioned above.

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