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There Is A Place

If you want to manifest anything in your life there is a place you must go to.
This place can be called the vortex or source.
I have called it a place of suspension from emotional entanglement which is where we dwell mostly.
We dwell in hopes, fears, doubts, memories of failure; all of which are not a place of truth and all of which are outside the vortex.
How do you get to this place? Here is one way.
Sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and state your intentions: "I intend to be in the source of love" (the vortex or field is cosmic love).
Start breathing deeply and slowly, and keep going until you begin to feel lighter and feel a sense of peace within.
Breathing allows more oxygen to the brain, causing the brain waves to slow down.
If you are in emotional turmoil, it might take a while to calm yourself down, so keep breathing until you get a sense of peace, if you are feeling resistance, just state "I give up resistance" and keep breathing.
After about ten to twenty deep, long breaths, you ought to feel more 'connected', that's when you know that you are in that place of suspension or vortex.
It is from this place that you ask for what you want.
Be specific and be clear "I want more money, I want my book to sell a million copies, I want to be in a loving relationship, I want to find a car at this price etc...
" Say what you want to have, either loudly or quietly, and then connect to the way you would feel if you had those things.
When you feel it complete, come back, open your eyes, and go about your business.
Don't think about it any more.
Remember that this is a place of truth, and once you are in it you might also realize that what you thought you wanted is not really what you want after all or any more.
When you are in this place, you are able to feel the difference between what is true for yourself and what is not.
What will also become apparent are the negative attachments to our want; those beliefs that say we cannot have what we want.
So if you really want to manifest, I am afraid those thoughts have to go.
We are not accustomed to dwell in the vortex, so we need to practice as much as we can, until it becomes a way of living.

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