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How to Design a Scoreboard

    • 1). Decide how your scoreboard is going to be used. Because different sports keep track of different statistics, you must determine the right scoreboard for the right sport. For example, in football, in addition to keeping track of the time and score, your scoreboard also needs to record the down and distance for the team on offense. Basketball scoreboards need to keep track of individual and team fouls, while baseball scoreboards need to record the inning, balls, strikes, outs and runs.

    • 2). Choose the color of your scoreboard. Many teams match their scoreboard to their team color(s). For example, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have red scoreboards in their stadium -- red is the dominant color for the University of Nebraska.

    • 3). Personalize the team name on your scoreboard. While most generic scoreboards state "Home," and "Away," you can make yours more personal by having your team nickname listed instead of simply "Home."

    • 4). Provide space for advertisements. Sports require a great deal of funding. Selling advertising space on your scoreboard is a way to generate revenue for your team, as well as the businesses of your community.

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