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You Want to Make Yourself Memorable? Try This!

Would you like to make more friends? Would you like to be able to persuade more people to your way of thinking? Would you like to be a better person? A better salesperson? You too can make yourself memorable to everyone you meet.
People aren't inherently going to search for you; you have got to give them a reason to know who you are and what motivates you.
When I was into networking business before, I was wondering why they reach that far, great commentator and logical in their way of thinking.
The book entitled "How to Win Friends and Influence People" one of the bestselling books of all time by Dale Carnegie's 1936 really influence me.
Here are some of the things I took away from the book.
Introduce yourself to others.
Be the first to say hello, no matter where you are, act like you are the host.
Make an extra effort to remember people's name.
As Dale Carnegie says," the sweetest sound to a person is their name.
" I remember when I was called by "hoy" sounds annoying and irritating.
Think about how you felt the last time you ran into someone who you wouldn't expect to remember your name? Use eye contact and smile upon meeting someone.
The best way to build rapport is through eye contact not to look at the ceiling when talking.
It losses self confidence.
Everyone in the world wants one thing more than anything else: to feel important.
There's no better way to bring someone to your side than to fulfill this want.
President Clinton is the master of this, When you talk to him, he makes you feel like, you are the only person in the room.
It's basically to live the Golden Rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
" How do you do this? Through empathy.
Understand that one of the greatest human needs is to feel important.
Show others that your enjoying their conversation with them.
Don't yawn, look bored or have a case of roving eyes.
Show curiosity and interest in others.
Take an interest in other people.
Understand their interests and motives.
Ask questions.
This shows you're interested and that you're hearing what he's saying.
Listen, Listen, Listen.
You are not likely likeable, but you really start to understand the persons want, needs, and desires.
Listen with an open mind and an open heart - free of preconceptions and prejudices.
As the Greek philosopher Epictetus put it: "God gave man two ears but only one mouth that he might hear twice as much as he speaks.
" Be enthusiastic about things and life of others.
People will gravitate to those upbeat, positive and cheerful people.
Display your sense of humor.
People remember humor six times longer than the regular conversations.
It is not always good to be serious but have some variation.
Look at the situation as if for the first time.
Your sense of humor will vary not to take things seriously.
Be able to speak on the variety of subjects.
Keep abreast of some current events not just stick to one subject only.
Speak their language.
Talk in terms of their conversation style.
Take for instance, if someone just want the facts, don't go into a lot of stories and anecdotes.
A quick way to measure the appropriateness of your communication is to ask yourself, "Am I willing to be spoken to in the way I am about to speak?" If the answer is 'Yes', proceed with assurance.
If the answer is 'No', be very thankful you took that minute to think.
Be tolerant of peoples beliefs if they are different from yours.
Invite peoples to join you for lunch, dinner and other social events.
Ask them for their opinion.
Not just you do only the talking but have them share their own experiences and ideas.
Have positive body language.
Use the SOFTEN technique: Acknowledge what he's saying with a nod or a smile.
He'll feel appreciated and therefore more likely to listen to you.
* S=smile * O=open posture * F=forward lean * T=stay out of their territory * E=eye contact * N=nod to show understanding Just as it does with other animals, human body language also sends a message.
Body language can create a positive or negative presence-the degree to which an individual attracts attention and how they represent themselves.
Be yourself and enjoy the conversation.
Compliment others about what they are wearing, doing, or saying, but be sincere.
An expression of praise or admiration will uplift his self esteem.
You cannot be someone else, the point is you can make a difference to start with.
People may look as you as you are.
You are the resemblance of what you act, say and think to others.
Remember the old adage "Out of sight, out of mind"? It's doubly true today.
You are as memorable as your last communication or point of contact.
So, if you are not communicating, then what? Who is going to remember you if you don't make yourself memorable?

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