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Cellulite The Dreaded Fat

InstaSculpt uses a scientifically proven combination of Spanish, French & German technologies mastered by Dr. Manjiri Patankar a Consultant with almost two decades of experience in non-surgical techniques of body sculpting. Assisted by a team of medical professionals, Dr. Manjiri has helped thousands of busy executives, housewives, models and actors look good and feel great. All in a matter of an hours, without strenuous workouts or strict diets.
Dr. Manjiri is an Obesity Consultant and Cosmetic Physicin with more than 17 years of experience in surgical and non-surgical treatment of obesity. Under her supervision, ultrasound is administered by trained doctors and medical professionals after prior consultation.
InstaSculpt has introduced procedures that help you to get rid of unwanted fat from your abdomen, thighs and hips, and face sculpting which can make your face look younger, beautiful and completely rejuvenated.
Cellulite is simply a term that describes the appearance of bumpy looking fat on the body.
Cellulite begins when an accumulation of swollen fat cells develops. The swollen fat cells press on the connective fibers that surround them. Then connective fibers bend and pull the skin downward to which they are connected. The result of these conditions is a puckered look on the surface of the skin, which we call the dreaded cellulite.
If your cellulite is loose, in large areas, and a bit wobbly, it is called soft cellulite. Soft cellulite is the most common type, and luckily it is easier to get rid of.
Hard cellulite is more common in muscular solidly built women. It has a stronger attachment to the muscles.
Endermologie is a massage machine with 2 rollers and a gentle suction action that when rolled over the top layer of fat makes a fold..This folding action stretches the connective tissue and results in the reduction of cellulite and body measurements. FDA approved claims that involved Endermologie treatments that included reduction of cellulite, reduced body measurements, increased circulation, relief of muscular pain, and reduction of muscle spasms.
Its a safe, effective & Non-Surgical therapy for Fat-loss and cellulite. Mesotherapy promotes the bodys circulatory, lymphatic and immune system to create a biological response and reverse abnormal physiology.
Mesotherapy helps to

* Improve blood flow
* Dissolve excess fat deposit
* Removes fibrotic hardened connective tissues
* Smoothens skin
* Gradual loss of inches
* Oedemic cellulite improvement
* Irregularities correction
* Skin elasticity enhancement.

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