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Being Scared of What You Want to Manifest

I've embarked on a path to drastically change my life and the lives of the people close to me.
Now I am a few months away from really big things happening and I have to say...
it's a little scary.
Mixed feelings of doubt, fear, excitement, happiness and a touch of sadness are circulating around me.
At moments I feel all of them at once or one lingers for a bit.
I've been ecstatically happy and have broken down in tears several times.
Every time the tears show up I am just on the cusp of a major breakthrough.
These moments I doubt my path.
But I also do not quit.
I grab my bootstraps and yank, hard.
I dig and deepen my resolve.
These moments of fear are very common for everyone.
The bigger the goal the deeper the fear.
That's just the way it is.
It is in this critical time that most individuals quit.
Change is unbelievably uncomfortable and nerve wracking.
Sometimes its downright painful.
The only thing that will propel you through these times is a very clear commitment to what you want and the persistence and faith that you will accomplish it.
I'm lucky to have a very strong set of people that believe in me and share my vision.
Your environment matters so much in times of change.
If you are surrounded with people who doubt you, their inadequacies and jealousy at your success will rub off on you and temper your dreams and resolve.
Next time the chaos sets in remember that its temporary and not a permanent fixture in your life.
"Nothing splendid was ever achieved except by those that dared to believe that something inside themselves was superior to circumstance.
" ~ Bruce Barton.
I absolutely love this quote and it has been a beacon for me for years.
You are not your circumstances, your circumstances are not you.
You can change anything in your life.
You just need to do it one action or step at a time.
While it may seem like the rough patches in your life will never end and that you are not making progress, it is just not the case.
Every time you put one foot in front of the other and take a step towards your goals you are making progress.
Each step, even if it is small builds on that last step until you are right at the top of a mountain.
If you give up too soon you might have been only a few feet from getting to the easier part of your journey.
We always reach a point where the pathway to what we want becomes easier and we start to get closer to what we want in a faster manner.
Giving up destroys all the progress you have made and then you have to start all over.
It is really helpful to think of your goals and what you have done to accomplish them to date in terms of the percentage of the goal you have achieved.
Then when you are tempted to give up you can think of the fact that you have achieved 10% of your goal or 50% of your goal and that will motivate you to continue to move forward.

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