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Dream It - Live It!

When you discover what it is you feel destined to achieve, go for it! Even if at first it's a vague concept in the back of your mind, be sure to nurture it, embrace it, and allow it to expand.
As you focus on your dream...
start to live it! Open up to all the possibilities that are presented to you.
I understand this may seem scary, unpredictable and wayyyyyyyyy outside your comfort zone.
That's perfectly normal.
Many tend to live in their safe little boxes where everything is predictable, safe and boring.
Is that what you really want? Speak of your dream out loud so that you hear it.
Once you hear yourself speaking of your dream, it begins a process of attracting the necessary people and opportunities into your presence.
Be aware of these opportunities.
Take action towards living your dream.
Begin taking steps towards creating that life for yourself.
Take your Dream on! The amazing aspect of stepping into your dream is the connections you create along the way.
As you clarify your dream and start taking action towards living it, people come into your life who encourage, support and assist you in achieving it! As soon as you are ready to listen and learn, the correct "teachers" will appear to guide you.
Stay open to hearing the messages.
Don't discount anything.
You never know where the next opportunity will come from.
Here's a four-step process that will help you bring your dreams to life:
  1. Preparation - gathering of information and resources.
    This list grows as you explore new paths.
  2. Incubation - allowing your subconscious mind to play with this information.
    Don't confine it by what you already know.
  3. Illumination - experiencing the "Aha" moment, probably when you least expect it.
    Things begin to make sense.
  4. Implementation - Act on it! Use persistence and passion to bring your dreams to life.
Are you ready to take your dream on? Stepping into the unknown is the only way to create a shift in where you're headed.
Don't ever allow anyone to belittle your dreams! Granted, most of your friends and family may question whether you've gone a bit off the deep end.
So what! If you know in your heart that the path you're following is of your own choosing, that's what counts.
Everyone is on their own journey and some may not have become aware of the power of following your heart.
It's all a matter of awakening to the possibilities instead of living in the realm of predictability.
Not everyone is ready for that yet.
So don't allow that to stop YOU! Remember that their words of doubt are meant to keep you safe and secure.
To their way of thinking, being safe and secure are the most important aspects of life.
Dream it...
Live it! Quite an undertaking, isn't it? Is it worth it? Well...
that's totally up to you.
If you're content with where your life is heading, then maybe you're not ready to discover and live your dream.
but if you feel the tug from your heart that there's more to life than what you've been experiencing, it's up to you to choose what to do next.
I know that not so many years ago, I stood at that same crossroad in my life.
I was unhappy with the path I was on.
I could not imagine continuing to spend the rest of my life there.
I made a choice right then and there to change my life.
Ever since then my journey has taken me places I never would have expected.
I've learned so much about different ways to perceive life and all its experiences.
The people that have come into my life have enriched and enhanced every aspect of my existence.
Now it hasn't always been easy.
There are challenges from both inside yourself and the outside world to face.
Changing your mindset is a process that takes time and patience.
Stepping into the unknown takes faith, belief and trust.
Following through when challenges appear takes dedication and persistence.
But the rewards at the end of each day are worth it.
As you expand your horizons you realize that you can and do have an impact on those around you.
Knowing that your conscious choices for the betterment of your life also result in the betterment for others is huge! This is a chance for you to make a difference, to leave a legacy for future generations.
Your dream will impact the lives of others.
My final question for you is this...
Are you ready to Dream it and Live it? "To get what you've never had, You must do what you've never done.
By Mac Anderson

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