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How Long Should I Blanch Broccoli for a Quiche?

    Blanch Broccoli for Two Minutes

    • According to a recipe on respected food website Serious Eats, broccoli should be blanched in boiling, salted water for two minutes before being baked in a quiche. Blanching the broccoli softens it so it will not be too crunchy or textured in the quiche.

    Blanch for Less Time According to Taste

    • If you like your broccoli somewhat chewier, blanch for as little as one minute. If you like broccoli in smaller pieces in the quiche, blanch for less time, because they will become tender faster. Other recipes, such as those for broccoli salad, list blanching time as one minute.

    Bottom Line

    • Blanch broccoli for your quiche between one and two minutes. Adjust the boiling times according to taste, but stay within this time for best results.

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