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Hypnosis on Steroids - Why Learning Hypnosis is Like Going to the Gym

Think of learning Hypnosis as going to the gym.
If you have never been to a gym before or done any exercise regularly, it is stupid to pull the biggest dumbbells of the rack and start pumping away.
If you try to do this you will either set yourself up for failure or wear yourself out.
On the other hand you don not want to be stuck on the couch reading Men's Health eating Power Bars and drinking Protein shakes.
Spending the rest of the day in front of a full size mirror wondering when those Big Guns are gonna show.
Do you think Terminator turned Governor made it to be Mr.
Olympia 7 times from reading books on weightlifting and watching fitness videos, or do you you think it was a combination of knowledge, steady workouts and the right "supplements"? Another thing to avoid is being one those testosterone driven Jerks that roar around the gym like a loose chimp, thinking they are the sole reason god (or who ever else you lay your money on) created this universe.
Because you can make your pecks dance, does that give you the right to be an obnoxious wannabe alpha male on a power trip? No...
Like Spidey would put it "With Great power comes great responsibility" The easiest road to being Mr.
HypnOlympia, is doing it the hard way.
Start by stretching and doing workouts regularly at a comfortable level with weights you can handle.
Now, I know that most people will never get their lazy asses to the gym.
Don't be one them.
Find somebody you can exercise with.
Somebody that is either at the same level as you or, even better, connect with people that can show you the way around the gym.
Stick to basics in the start as you build confidence, but always look for new and interesting exercises.
When something becomes second nature to you, add some more weight or do the exercise differently.
Always surprising that big grey muscle of yours.
As you mental physique starts to develop and you get an all round knowledge of the things you do, maybe you want to start cross training.
No great athlete uses just one form of training.
A great sprinter lifts weights, and great weightlifter will also run.
Don't limit yourself by being narrow minded.
Look for valuable ideas everywhere.
Some of the greatest ideas come from using techniques others never would have dreamed of.
This sounds like a lot of work...
Well I'm not going to lie to you, it is as rewarding as it is hard.
Even with all the right "supplements" it is still a process that you have to go through.
Nobody learns to read from looking at a book for 5 minutes, but hey you learned to read didn't you.

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