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Changing Your Lifepath

Let me tell you right now...
just because your path in life has been hard and you've never had anything or done anything with your life doesn't mean it has to stay that way.
Change is a good thing...
change is a door opening to bigger and better things.
When one door closes in your life, keep your eye on the door that's opening up in front of you.
Look at it really good and decide if your going to stand there looking at it, if your going to walk into the wall, or if you're going to go through the door and see what gift is waiting on the other side of it.
I want to see what the gift is! I've had so many doors close behind me it's not even funny.
There was a time that I just stood there looking at the door that had closed, saying " What the heck!" instead of turning around and looking ahead of me to what it was that awaited me.
I didn't realize it then, but when I allowed myself to hang on to what was left behind, even tho it was no good for me ( Come on! Was it really? ), I was attracting more of the same and then fearing losing that person or thing again, and wouldn't you know it...
you attract that as well.
That is the Law of Attraction at work Them days are long gone...
now, I allow myself to get excited about what's on the other door that's ahead of me and I know it's going to be something pretty darned awesome.
Our life path is a journey taking us forward to better things as we grow, as we become One with the Universal Creative Power.
If you look back on all of the doors that have closed behind you and you felt hurt because something was gone that you thought you wanted.
In reality, it was for the best.
Everything does truly happen for a reason! Maybe it was a good thing that you lost but that doesn't mean that there's not something way better waiting for you.
As Napoleon Hill said " with every heartache, every failure, every adversity, lies within it the seed of equal or greater benefit ".
Know in your heart that this is true because it is so true.
So be ready for your path in life to change and get excited about it! Take a good look at the precious gift that's been offered to you and see the beauty in it.
People and experiences are coming to you to bring you to a better life if only you open your arms to it.
Take a good look at your life, open your eyes to what's ahead of you, and decide the best path to take with what your life has been offered.
Let go of what's behind you...
it played a part in making you who you are but it is history.
Look to the future as a wonderful thing, enjoy the journey, know that great things are coming to you, and as things start coming to you, be grateful and attract more wonderful things into your life!

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