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Playing "Hide and Seek" With Ourselves!

I am not sure why we do it, our spirits must think it's a lot of fun! Maybe we were just bored, so we created this playground called earth, got a body, then proceeded to subject ourselves to experience after experience that would shame us, hurt us, cause us to question ourselves and hide our true spiritual and human nature from ourselves.
Then spend our adult lives trying to find ourselves! I believe that we convince ourselves of the biggest lie that causes obvious discomfort, that we are the opposite of who we truly are and then we believe it! So if this is fun, I have been having a ball most of my life! True to the game, like most of us I really slammed myself with the deeper belief "If I am me, I am going to get in to trouble!" Most of my childhood was dedicated to creating that limiting belief! I read today on a blog site "I've learned a lot about life by making a mess of my own.
" And the only reason any of us could make a mess of our lives, is by trying to live like someone we are not! Knowing that my human nature is "naturally" designed to BE pretty much everything I attempted to stop it from being gave me a huge advantage of hiding myself from me.
So, for the bulk of my life I have been winning the game of hiding! For every person the time comes where the game of hiding suddenly turns in to the game of seeking and finding ourselves.
We tend to think that is a "better" game to play, shaming the hiding part of the game as bad and wrong.
I have taken to celebrating both aspects of the game.
If my soul wanted to play hide and seek with myself, then the better job I did at hiding me ramped up the challenge of finding me! I am a master of the human "hide and seek" game! Typically when we start the seeking side of the game, we keep looking outside ourselves to find ourselves, when all along what we are seeking has never left us! All the answers are inside of us...
My biggest ah-ha in the game lately is that most people are just seeking to know more about their divine nature.
I now realize that this is a good game, but more than ever am realizing that no one is teaching how to find your true human nature! So, nobody is looking...
until now! It's great to understand our divine nature, it certainly helped me clear my inner critic and own how omnipotent and powerful my soul is, which is who I am, and how I am the creator of my life.
What I didn't realize is that I could die having missed the most important point of being in this playground - my true human nature! My natural gifts in my human expression to be clear, practical, decisive, swift, bold, and at times to come across pushy, intense, and direct! I love knowing my true human nature.
It has taken all the guess work out of being me.
In the game of "hide and seek" I am no longer hiding, I am no longer seeking, I have found me.
Now I am practicing every day of my life what it feels like to be me.
I think it is the most fun I have had yet! But, my spirit reminds me from her perspective the entire game has been a blast!

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