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Live Simply, Love Patiently

A wise Indonesian elderly woman who Pastors a church in Sydney, Australia once said: "Live simply and simply live.
" A Russian young lady who once dated my brother said: "I did not know, what love is earlier, and, of course, there are different kinds of it.
Now I know, it is not when one is weak and let's another behave bad and not thinking about the consequences, but to be strong and show love.
Love should make a person better.
Love is demanding.
" I've always said your best friends bring out the best in you.
True love puts a demand on your potential to be the best you can be! All of our hearts and souls scream for care, attention and nurturing.
Once we find some attention and care, it is very affirming and heart warming.
True love is unconditional love in that it endures.
Unconditional love enables us to be brutally honest with ourselves as we seek to become better.
The security and safety afforded us through unconditional love is very empowering.
Without such a timeless love, there is always insecurity as love seemingly has its limits.
A scripture from the Bible speaking about love says: "When that which is perfect has come, that which is in part shall be done away with" (1Corinthians 13:10).
I experientially in my own life have seen myself date various women, trying to fill in the gaps.
Yet whenever I have come in contact with true love, I didn't hesitate to commit an endeavor to marry such a person.
Karla and I have this as she is the love of my life and beloved wife.
So all of the parts of love, fragmented as they may be, bits and pieces that I experienced with various people (but never all with just one person) ...
when the ideal and right person (Karla) appeared ..
the others immediately fell away and were unable to be compared.
It's like the stars in the sky at night, though they be bright and glorious, when the morning sun appears, the stars are no longer seen because a greater glory has arisen.
So too is it with perfect love, removing imperfections and fulfilling all parts to the puzzle ..
meeting our soul's and heart's desires fully.
Women by nature are more relational and revealing of their struggles, whereas men tend to give a poker face to look strong and pretend all is ok.
God has been a close friend to me.
My Creator has graciously provided me a few other wise kindhearted people to speak into my life and lead me Godward.
I also read books that help me better myself, which is a lifelong endeavor in itself.
The conclusion of the matter is to live simply and love patiently.

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