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The Calorie Shifting Theory - Will it Prove to Be the Next Best Thing?

The calorie shifting theory is not a new idea, but has only recently been made known to the public.
By far, this theory is considered as one of the most practical and effective weight control diets on the market.
  The diet targets your metabolism and uses the food you eat to turbo charge your calorie burning.
The calorie shifting theory is simple and easy to follow.
You need to plan out your calorie intake for each day beforehand, and follow the plan diligently.
This diet is a very flexible one and does not put restrictions on what you should eat or not.
You can take anything during the first two days, thereby increasing your metabolism rates.
Two days of this kind of diet at intervals of three to four hours raises the amount of calories your body burns.
Your body would continue to metabolize calories even after you stop binging for some days.
Your body weight would drastically reduce during these days.
Continuing with this cycle of binging and draining several times would bring your body into a rhythm, and the result is that the rate at which you burn calories increases.
The beauty of the plan is that there are no side effects, you do not need to starve, and you do not need to deprive yourself of a little bit of indulgence.
Many people have found the calorie shifting theory to be a very successful dieting solution.
It is highly advisable that you try out this theory once, and in case you feel that it is not successful enough, you can always revert to your old ways without encountering any problem.

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